Legend Coin | LGND

Legend Coin or just LGND is a completely decentralised and energy efficient crypto currency. We're running on the new disruptive Chia blockchain. Our approach is game oriented and we want to release some awesome crypto games in the future.

Founded by an experienced team of developers, Legend Coin will have many integrations and dedicated software projects.

Our plan is to donate a part of the coins to the community. Stay tuned - first Airdrops are coming soon! In the future, we plan to integrate a system of periodic rewards for all wallets which hold LGND for a longer period of time.


We send LGND to every active wallet. Subscribe to stay in the loop!

Legend NFTs
Collect a set of legendary NFTs.

Rewarding system for all holders of the Legend Coin.

1st Game
We aim to present a first version of a Legend Coin based game in the near future.

Lightning Fast

Legend Coin blockchain can handle more then 20.000 transactions per second

Easy to use

It’s absolutely easy to buy LGND! You don’t need any crypto knowledge.


Legend Coin needs at least 100 times less energy than Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains.

Low to zero transaction fees

Transfer LGND between wallets is super cheap, fast and easy.


Compared to other crypto-currencies, Legend Coin has better security due to its more decentralised blockchain.

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